24 January 2012


I just can't believe how quickly January is going.  I've just got over the new years celebrations and here we are celebrating the chinese new year - the year of the dragon.

Each year I make a card for Michael and his family, to wish them good luck for the new year.  I always have a bit of a panic in case the writing I put inside, which I hope is "Happy New Year" is correct, and that I haven't caused serious offence by a miss spelling.  They are all still talking to us, and as he runs our local exceptionally good chinese takeaway The China Garden and hasn't poisoned me in revenge, I think I must have cracked it ;0)

Paperfolded Fan card in black, red and gold with lucky coins attached

My Year of the Tiger fan card with, hopefully, correct sentiment inside

So Kung Hey Fat Choy or Gong xi fa cai to all my Chinese friends and here's hoping 2012 is not only happy, healthy and prosperous for them but for us all!!

10 January 2012


I'd like to wish you all the very best of everything in 2012! 

I've put in an order for a whole year of wonderful sunny weather - especially the south of England - let's face it, we need all the help we can get!  Wouldn't it be lovely if that order got fulfilled.  I live in hope. :0D

I had a lovely time running up to Christmas making all sorts of bits and pieces for our Christmas day party held at my daughter, Michelles. Which as you can see by the photo below,  looked like fairyland with all the Christmas lights reflected in the windows.

My goodness, she did us proud.  It was the best Christmas Day we've had in a long time.


First there were the advent lanterns, which went down a treat.
This year instead of hanging them all up (not a good move we've found in the past as they get mysteriously hijacked by little imps) we decided to let the Christmas elves hide one each night, so the tiddlers had to go and find them.
Oh! the excitement.  Definately one to try again next year.

I carried on the lantern idea with my 3d Christmas cards.  These really turned out well.  I had so many compliments on them.  It made my Christmas.

Then we had the Christmas Crowns - a template downloaded from cardsuprint.  These turned out really well, with little bells tied round their necks.  We had a rousing chorus of Jingle Bells accompanied by the kazoos I put inside, followed by the sweeties which were also packed in.  Probably not one of my best ideas as we were already suffering from Christmas chocolate overload, but hey, it only comes round once a year so you have to make the most of it!!

I'm now hitting the new year with a wonderful little project.  My nephew and his partner are expecting a spring baby and a shawl is called for.  I've started on one pattern, but after it was inspected by the In-house Crafters Committee - Paula and Aunty Sue - and been found lacking, I've decided to go on to plan B.  Hopefully this will fit the bill and be ready before the baby. 

I'll race you, Cassie!!