25 April 2013


They seek him here.. They seek him there.. Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.

Well, the French might not be able to find him, but I know exactly where he is - HE'S IN MY GARDEN!!

I've just spent a backbreaking day waging war on Scarlet Pimpernel, Ground Elder and Alpine Strawberries, all of which have decided to colonise my garden. Of the plants I'm trying to cultivate there is no sign, but weeds! they are all quite at home and flourishing.

Now I have a theory - I think that we ought to cultivate the weeds, working on the assumption that, in my experience, any plant I shower care upon keels over within the week.  I'll keep you posted on how my theory is panning out.......

Meanwhile, if any of you have any helpful tips on how to get rid of these pesky weeds, please please please put me out of my misery and leave a comment.

13 April 2013



One of my the things I really have enjoyed doing this spring is making these little boater hat boxes for everyone for Easter.(well, I think it's spring although I could be mistaken . It's still more than a little nippy out there, and even my daffs aren't inclined to bloom - sigh!)

They are so easy to make - I used a pattern from Sandra Lounsbury-Foose's book and made a cutting file for my craft robo, so they cut out just like that and all I have to do is stick them together, and voila! beautiful little boxes that take two or three Ferrero Rocher or Lindor chocolates.

I've slightly modified the ribbon for the girls one and also added little name tags to the ribbons which make them look a little more special.

2 April 2013


look who I found in my kitchen this morning!

How cute are they!

It's been so bitterly cold and miserable this spring that these are the only bunnies I think we are going to be seeing frolicking around for quite some time, and it was lovely that they came to visit me to bring a bit of springtime cheer to Easter ;0)