24 September 2012


We were at the Paralympics on Super Saturday, enjoying an amazing spectacle of Olympic feats - just breathtaking - when the mens 1500m race started.

They all lined up and set off smartly except for one little guy at the back, who really seemed to be struggling, with what looked like a painful foot.  The main bunch of runners lapped him not once but twice and still he struggled on.  We all thought he would give up, but no - when all the others had finished and returned to the dressing room, he doggedly carried on.

80,000 people watched as he went round, slowly, all on his own.  We all stood and cheered as he went past and when he crossed the line the applause was earshattering. But he just walked off.  I don't think he even realised that we were clapping for him.

Houssein Omar Hassan I feel should have been awarded a gold for sheer determination not to let his country down or himself be beaten - all on his own, with the whole world watching. He was incredible. A true Olympian!


Inspite of the dreadful weather we've been having, summer has been hectic and interesting.  Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games - particularly the paralympics - had been a once in a lifetime experience which I for one will never forget.

Although we missed out on the Olympic tickets we were fortunate enough to get tickets for the Paralymics in the Stadium.  I just can't get over how well everything was organised.  80,000 people all making a bid for home at  1 o'clock and not a holdup anywhere.  It was phenomenal.

We went on Super Saturday when Britain won gold after gold. The Olympians are of course superb, but when you see the Paralympians - it's just - WOW!  They are amazing! The speed and agility they show even with their disabilities just takes your breath away.  They really do deserve the name 'Super Humans'

4 May 2012


If like me you are suffering from all the miserable weather we have been having lately and need a little cheering up, pop along to this blog, http://cajoline-scrap.blogspot.fr .  It really is just magical.  Not only does she have wonderful designs for you to feast your eyes on with freebies galore, there is birdsong and sounds of summer to really lift your spirits.

19 April 2012


Following the phenomenal success with my knitted jelly babies for the Tiddlers, I thought I would have a go at some of the other toys in Jean Greenhowe's collection.  The obvious choice for Beth was a pink ballet dancer and I thought Ben would like Superman.  Well, the ballet dance was a definate hit, but although I made Superman with blue hair, as requested, Ben's first comment was "Is there a jelly baby for me?". 


So back to the drawing board and I thought for a change I would make Gingerbread men - jelly babies with a difference.

First I had to find the right colour wool.  Not as easy as I thought.  My first choice turned out to be more dough boy than gingerbread, according to my daughter.  So with the help of our very obliging local wool shop - "Is your gingerbread usually brown or more burnt?" - We found exactly the right colour and I cracked on.  After making brown jelly babies, I 'piped' round them in white using double crochet and added little buttons for sweeties, down the front.


With a certain amount of trepidation, I handed them to the Tiddlers together with my family of little 'egg cups' (so cute) for Easter and ......tada! 



Success! They have joined the ranks of the much loved - sorry Superman!

16 April 2012


For ages we have been looking for a circular 4ft extendable table to go in our dining room, but unless you are willing to pay a small fortune for one, it's like trying to find hens teeth.  So imagine my delight when I found one for £40 at the St. Michaels Hospice Furniture Shop. True it was in a rather sad state, but as it was G-plan it was restorable.
So it was out with the sandpaper and wire wool and off to work. 

A week later, my table is gorgeous and my bank balance still in good shape as are my abs - all that sanding saved me a fortune at the gym!

After this little triumph I decided to have a go at the G-plan coffee table I had picked up for a fiver ( another bargain).  This was also in a rather sad state, but as I had been so successful with the table I thought "nothing ventured....." and got stuck in, and Oh! didn't it come out well.  There will be nothing stopping me now - look out furniture I'm on a roll!!

15 April 2012


Five and a half years ago, I started what can only be called a knitting marathon. Our first grandchild, Bethany, made her entrance into the world and so I started on the shawls.  Beth had a yellow and a pink one.

They turned out a little bigger than I expected, the yellow one being over five feet in diameter, but they really did look spectacular and have a 'secret' sewn into the middle of them (A little butterfly and a snail) 

Two years later, Ben arrived and I started all over again. He has white and blue, both of the five foot variety, with a 'secret' truck and plane.

The Tiddlers love their 'blankets' and take them everywhere ( a bit of a struggle for an overburdened mum, but Michelle rises to the occasion, bless her.) All of the shawls  have been used, loved and washed for at least 3 and a half years now, and as you can see have stood up very well to the test of time.

I've been so pleased with them, as I thought they would end up looking like rags after a few months hard labour, but they are still bright and springy and loved.  Isn't knitting wonderful!

28 March 2012


Well, Easter is on its way and the weather here at the moment is like mid summer. How wonderful is that!!  Over the past couple of weeks I've been knitting like crazy, getting jumpers made for the Tiddlers, knitted Jelly Baby dolls for our two new arrivals to the family, Summer and Talon, and an arun for me, because although the weather has been spectacular for this time of the year, I tend to err on the side of caution and keep my winter woolies handy - I've been caught out too many times before.  Also I've found, when taking the Tiddlers to school in the morning, it's still mighty parky. brrrrrrrrr.

But now the time has come to get the Easter goodies ready for the holidays.  I needed something cute for wrapping creme eggs and this little box is just the thing.  I made them in pink, yellow and blue and they are going down a storm.  They are so easy to make and the kids just love them



The only problem I have with these little darlings, is I have to rob my stash of creme eggs to fill them - doh! 
Hopefully someone will share with me at Easter. * wicked grin*

1 March 2012


It's the first of March, the sun is shining, I'm surrounded by daffodils and it's St. David's Day.

So to all my welsh friends -
Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant hapus !

I do love the spring, summer is only just around the corner and there is so much to look forward to ....... wonderful!

I have been venturing out into the garden over the past week, as the weather has been BEAUTIFUL, wherever I've turned I've been finding ladybirds. Lots of ladybirds!  At first I thought that as I've been cutting down trees, I've disturbed them and I've been trying to find them new homes. But as the week progressed  the ladybirds were still around in abundance, so I've put it down to it being so warm.  It's lovely to see them but I'm just hoping they don't get caught out by a cold spell.

Paula says I should have gone for the Crafty Ladybird theme rather than The Crafty Pink Butterfly - it's a thought.