24 September 2012


Inspite of the dreadful weather we've been having, summer has been hectic and interesting.  Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games - particularly the paralympics - had been a once in a lifetime experience which I for one will never forget.

Although we missed out on the Olympic tickets we were fortunate enough to get tickets for the Paralymics in the Stadium.  I just can't get over how well everything was organised.  80,000 people all making a bid for home at  1 o'clock and not a holdup anywhere.  It was phenomenal.

We went on Super Saturday when Britain won gold after gold. The Olympians are of course superb, but when you see the Paralympians - it's just - WOW!  They are amazing! The speed and agility they show even with their disabilities just takes your breath away.  They really do deserve the name 'Super Humans'

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