30 March 2014


As Mother's Day is looming, I wanted to make a special little gift for my Mum.  This box is really girly and has started my new 'Pink Diamond' range, which will in time also incorporate a bottle box, a triangular favor box, a tissue cover for tiny tissues, and a bottle collar.

I thought all of these would be useful for Weddings as well as gifts when needed.

The template for this is available from my Etsy shop  - Sheila's Crafty Corner - as an instant download and will cost £2.

alt text

The boxes dimensions are 3,5 x 3.5 x 5 inches  and I have found 16 Lind'or sweeties fit in very well (If they don't get snaffled first)

Once again all the text is editable by highlighting the 'Your text here' and replacing it with your own wording, so you can customise it to your own requirements.  They are very easy to put together with instructions included and take two pieces of A4 card, and fold flat for storage

So what are you waiting for - click on the link above, do a quick download and get those sweeties all wrapped up for that special occasion. :0)

19 March 2014


As I mentioned I didn't think the Hot Cross 'Bun'ny would be everyone's cup of tea, so here is the 'Sunny Bunny' box, all ready for you to print off, quickly assemble and fill with Easter goodies.  They are big enough to take a creme egg or some other small packets of sweeties.  Very nice as a little treat and the Tiddlers don't suffer from sugar overload. :0)

They would also be nice as a table decoration at Easter with a couple of Ferrero Rocher or Lind'or chocolates inside for the more mature guests, after all, who doesn't like bunnies (or sweeties)

You can get two of these boxes onto a piece of A4 card by printing one way and then turning the card and printing the other way.
I have made two separate files for the two colours, so you can have the combination that suits you.

The free download links are below.
Blue Sunny Bunny Box
alt text
Pink Sunny Bunny Box
alt text
I hope you enjoy making the boxes and please leave me a comment if you download the file telling me how you're going to use it - Just being nosy ;0)

15 March 2014


So now I'm on the 'Spring' collection of boxes.

I thought this bottle box/wrapper would be ideal for Easter and Spring wedding gifts and is so user friendly as the text can be easily changed on the bottle and on the tag to anything you want to say.
Again it is easy to make and full instructions are included.

The file is available from my Etsy shop for £2 by clicking the button below
alt text

Ooooooh!  I do love spring - summer's on it's way folks!


Woohoo!  I've now got my own little shop - how cool is that!

You can nip to the shop by clicking on the button (like the one below)  - just over there at the top of the sidebar.  Please take a look.

Not only that - I'm now also on Bloglovin', Stumble Upon and Pinterest, so I'm ever so easy to find :0)

It's so nice to have followers and know that someone else appreciates the time you've put into designing and making things, so please add me to your 'follow' lists and keep in touch - I love to hear from you.

11 March 2014


Today's been all about trying to protect my precious pots, pans and plates from the battering they take when being heaved in and out of cupboards and off  shelves.  We have in the past always put kitchen towel between them, and although it is fairly successful, it uses a fair amount of paper and doesn't look very pretty.

So off I went online to buy some pot protectors. Not very helpful because, as well as being quite expensive for the amount I would need, they didn't come in the right sizes for my bits and pieces.

Next stop - the local material shop, where I picked up a meter of 54" wide felt.  Back home, out with the felt tip pen and scissors and down to work!

I made a template - download below - for the lid protectors and drew round the plates for the shape.  I would recommend on hindsight, that you make the plate one's about an inch bigger as they sink into the plate and leave the edges exposed.

alt text

Now finished, my plates, pots and pans are all nicely - and safely - stored away in their cupboards and hopefully protected from future dings and dents :0)  Success!

7 March 2014


Whoopee!  The sun is shining and it seems we'll be having a warm and sunny weekend.  Perhaps the Ark will be able to find dry land and we will be able to disembark.  :0)  Poor old Britain, we really seem to have had a hammering this year as far as the weather is concerned.
So.... as it looks as though Spring might be heading our way, and Easter is fast approaching, I thought I would share this fun Easter box - ideal for creme eggs and other goodies.

Now before we go any further I think I ought to explain why I have a box with a scowling bunny.

Are we the only country to have hot cross buns at Easter?  (They are a fruit bun with a cross marked on the top which we toast and are traditionally eaten on Good Friday to commemorate the crucifixion)  When they come into the shops you know that Easter is on the way bringing with it Summer and some warm weather - can't wait!

I digress - As to how I came up with this stunning Easter bunny box idea -

The other day we were reading a story about a bunny who got stuck in a hole in a tree trunk, and he was a ......  hot cross bunny .... and my little butterfly brain suddenly had a lightbulb moment and I thought - how about a Hot Cross 'Bun'ny Box for the Tiddlers Easter eggs.  It's cute and you don't get too much sugar overload, always a problem on Easter Sunday.  Tiddlers tearing round like mad things on a sugar high is never a good thing when you have a house full of people!

So off I went to the trusty computer and came up with this.

The file is downloadable, printable and very easy to put together.  You get two on a sheet of A4 card (preferably photo paper) and the only other thing you need is some glue.

If you want to have a go the link to the file is below, then right click and 'save as'
If you download it please leave a comment or send me a photo of your creation. I'd love to hear from you.

alt text

I must admit my little Hot Cross Bunny might not be everyone's cup of tea, so I'll be adding a happier, sunnier bunny box in the near future.  Stay tuned!