19 March 2014


As I mentioned I didn't think the Hot Cross 'Bun'ny would be everyone's cup of tea, so here is the 'Sunny Bunny' box, all ready for you to print off, quickly assemble and fill with Easter goodies.  They are big enough to take a creme egg or some other small packets of sweeties.  Very nice as a little treat and the Tiddlers don't suffer from sugar overload. :0)

They would also be nice as a table decoration at Easter with a couple of Ferrero Rocher or Lind'or chocolates inside for the more mature guests, after all, who doesn't like bunnies (or sweeties)

You can get two of these boxes onto a piece of A4 card by printing one way and then turning the card and printing the other way.
I have made two separate files for the two colours, so you can have the combination that suits you.

The free download links are below.
Blue Sunny Bunny Box
alt text
Pink Sunny Bunny Box
alt text
I hope you enjoy making the boxes and please leave me a comment if you download the file telling me how you're going to use it - Just being nosy ;0)

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