24 September 2012


We were at the Paralympics on Super Saturday, enjoying an amazing spectacle of Olympic feats - just breathtaking - when the mens 1500m race started.

They all lined up and set off smartly except for one little guy at the back, who really seemed to be struggling, with what looked like a painful foot.  The main bunch of runners lapped him not once but twice and still he struggled on.  We all thought he would give up, but no - when all the others had finished and returned to the dressing room, he doggedly carried on.

80,000 people watched as he went round, slowly, all on his own.  We all stood and cheered as he went past and when he crossed the line the applause was earshattering. But he just walked off.  I don't think he even realised that we were clapping for him.

Houssein Omar Hassan I feel should have been awarded a gold for sheer determination not to let his country down or himself be beaten - all on his own, with the whole world watching. He was incredible. A true Olympian!


Inspite of the dreadful weather we've been having, summer has been hectic and interesting.  Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games - particularly the paralympics - had been a once in a lifetime experience which I for one will never forget.

Although we missed out on the Olympic tickets we were fortunate enough to get tickets for the Paralymics in the Stadium.  I just can't get over how well everything was organised.  80,000 people all making a bid for home at  1 o'clock and not a holdup anywhere.  It was phenomenal.

We went on Super Saturday when Britain won gold after gold. The Olympians are of course superb, but when you see the Paralympians - it's just - WOW!  They are amazing! The speed and agility they show even with their disabilities just takes your breath away.  They really do deserve the name 'Super Humans'