27 January 2015


These labels have been downloaded so many times, they are obviously very popular and it occurred to me that they might also be useful in different colours.  

So I would be grateful if you would leave a comment giving me some idea as to which colours or wording you would like to see featured :0)

It's so nice, after you have lovingly laboured over your hand crafted gift, to be able to present it with smart printed labels, one for the recipient and one giving care instructions for your gift.

I've been looking for something suitable for ages and as I can't find just what I need I knuckled down and made my own.

These labels are in pdf format and can be easily edited, by highlighting and typing in, to show the names and care instructions for your gift.alt text
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Feel free to download the file for your personal use, but you may not sell on the file or pass it off as your own in any way.