30 October 2011


I've been surfing around, trying to find some inspiration for Christmas cards and advent calendars for the Tiddlers, and I bumped into this site, Scrappin Cookie.  It has so many cute ideas and cutting files for all you Cricut owners.  Unfortunately, I can't use the files on my Craft Robo, but so many dimensions and handy hints were included that I'm sure I'll be able to cobble something together to use on my faithful machine that will fit the bill.

If you've got a little spare time, toddle over.  It's well worth a look.  
Say Hi to Marlene and let her know Sheila sent you.

25 October 2011


Cute Thread Crochet Angel

After a weekend labouring in the garden, trying to reverse the ravages caused through not enough TLC being applied during the early part of the year - doh! - I decided that a little quiet crochet was in order and as Christmas is approaching, and I have promised friends and family little thread crochet angels for their trees etc. I had better crack on.

Sparkly and ready for Christmas
 Last year I made about a dozen angels using different patterns I had aquired, but this one seems to be the best and certainly the most eyecatching.

I bought the basic pattern from Crochet Memories but adjusted it a little as I prefered this helo.  It was quite easy to crochet and shape using a cone of cardboard for the body and some cotton wool covered with cling film held in place by a covered pencil pushed through the armholes, to shape the sleeves. I use a solution of glue and water to stiffen it as described on my crochet page.  It really works well and I was well pleased with the result  :0)

22 October 2011


I've been following Dawn Griffiths page for a couple of years  now.  She's always got something new and interesting to try with video tutorials to help you along.  She doesn't just do cards but gifts and 3D items so it's well worth a look if you've got time & tell her Sheila sent you.

18 October 2011


This crafty cake topper was made using my Craft Robo

We celebrated our Ruby Wedding Anniversary this year.  It has been the most amazing forty years, with so many marvelous happenings on the way.  So to mark the event we had a party with all the family. 
I needed something special for the cake and when I saw this .gsd pattern for a card here Thyme Graphics I knew it would be perfect!


However my efforts were totally upstaged by the cake made for us by The Tiddlers. Decorated by five year old Beth and supervised by Ben (three). 
It was just spectacular!   
We have achieved many things in our forty years together but our most spectacular successes must be our two talented & beautiful daughters and two of the most wonderful grandchildren we could have been blessed with.
sigh......... ;0)

By the way, Thyme graphics have some fantastic cutting files.  It's well worth having a look!

14 October 2011


I was asked if I could give something to help raise funds for my Granddaughters nursery school, and these really did seem to fit the bill.  They went like hot cakes - or should that be hot lollies? mmmmm.... so raised a fair bit for the cause.  I also made lips and moustaches with lollies stuck through them, so when you are sucking the lolly it looks like you have lips or a 'stosh' (Little Ben liked those, because Pop's - Great Grandad - has a 'stosh') and they were also went well.  You find once one child has one, they all have to have one.  Great marketing strategy!

They are butterflies printed on photopaper with two holes punched out to thread the lolly through.

They need to be round  lollies which are not too big (I used  Chuppa lollies) and the overall effect was quite stunning.  I also pushed a hair grip through the holes, so the butterfly could be used as a hair ornament when the lolly was gone.

Right - I'm just nipping off to finish knitting a jumper for one of my Tiddlers (not so Tiddly any more - she's growing like Jack's Beanstalk) but when most of the family are about 6 foot tall I think I should have expected it!! doh!
This time I'm trying to make sure the jumper has a big enough neck.  My girls swear the reason their ears are so small is because they got sanded off by my jumpers when they were pulled over their heads as children.  Maternal cruelty at it's worst, but I am trying to reform!

13 October 2011


Once again I opened my blog to find that I have, thanks to Audrey Frelx , even more followers and not only that, she has given me an award!  How splendid is that!  My week is getting better and better.


 Thank you all for taking the trouble to pop by and visit and for leaving such kind comments.  It's doing wonders for my ego and my productivity!!  I shall be giving you all a visit in return and hopefully pick up loads of inspiration from your posts.


I have a very much loved and used Craft Robo.  It's only the small version, but my goodness is it useful!  I make a lot of my own templates for boxes, cards and papercraft in general.  Now, the thing is, I save these files as .gsd files. which work on the Craft Robo and Silhouette machines.  Can you import these files to use with the Cricut?  Does Cricut have it's own file name? Can you convert at all?  I ask, because I have several files which I could post, which could be downloaded if they are of any use to you.  If anyone out there has the answer,  please get in touch. :0)

10 October 2011


I've been experimenting with the idea of keys as cards just lately, starting with these cuties.

They really do make an unusual card, either stand alone or as a topper.  The difficulty I have is that because they are double sided, when you come to print them out, unless you have a flatbed printer like my age old Epson, the keys come out offset. doh!
I'll have to see about a fix for that - something else to keep me attached to my computer for a few minutes. This is a standing joke in the family.  I only have to say 'It'll only take a minute' & everyone settles down for the long haul - I do tend to get a bit sidetracked occasionally :0)


I opened my blog this morning to find I have my first follower on my new site. Audrey Frelx left me some wonderful comments about my work, which really made my day. Thank you so much Audrey, they were much appreciated.  In return, I nipped over to your blog and in turn picked up a lot of inspiration, what a clever crafter you are!

8 October 2011


Weddings seem to be the order of the day just lately.  I've had so many requests for cards and this one I particularly like.

The little butterflies are on acitate and wobble around in the breeze, just adding a little bit of extra movement, and although the little diamonds are actually printed on, they do seem to twinkle!
It's nice to be able to give someone a personalized card on their special day, and of course it really stands out from the rest!!

7 October 2011

Starting Again!

As my other blog name - The Crafty Pink Butterfly - was taken by another blogger (not quite sure how that happened) I decided the best way forward was to start over - so here I am in my crafty corner, up to my neck again in wool and paper. Heaven!!