14 October 2011


I was asked if I could give something to help raise funds for my Granddaughters nursery school, and these really did seem to fit the bill.  They went like hot cakes - or should that be hot lollies? mmmmm.... so raised a fair bit for the cause.  I also made lips and moustaches with lollies stuck through them, so when you are sucking the lolly it looks like you have lips or a 'stosh' (Little Ben liked those, because Pop's - Great Grandad - has a 'stosh') and they were also went well.  You find once one child has one, they all have to have one.  Great marketing strategy!

They are butterflies printed on photopaper with two holes punched out to thread the lolly through.

They need to be round  lollies which are not too big (I used  Chuppa lollies) and the overall effect was quite stunning.  I also pushed a hair grip through the holes, so the butterfly could be used as a hair ornament when the lolly was gone.

Right - I'm just nipping off to finish knitting a jumper for one of my Tiddlers (not so Tiddly any more - she's growing like Jack's Beanstalk) but when most of the family are about 6 foot tall I think I should have expected it!! doh!
This time I'm trying to make sure the jumper has a big enough neck.  My girls swear the reason their ears are so small is because they got sanded off by my jumpers when they were pulled over their heads as children.  Maternal cruelty at it's worst, but I am trying to reform!


  1. Holy Cow! These are FANTASTIC! I totally have to scrap lift this one. I am thinking this would make great bats for halloween! So glad Audrey mentioned your blog! Can't wait to see your next project!

  2. I love this project, Sheila!!! OMG, I'm definitely going to have to lift this one myself!!! Love-love this, my friend!!!

  3. Hello Sheila, I am your newest follower. Audrey sent me. She is wonderful & anytime she recommends anything I consider it immediately. Oh how right she was about your blog & your fantastic creations.
    I browsed through so many of them.
    I really enjoyed these butterfly pops. So creative, fun & useful after the lolli is gone.
    Very clever crafting on your part.
    It has been a pleasure discovering your blog.
    I am sure I will be back.
    Looking forward to more.
    By the way, I am currently having a giveaway. The post is dated Sept. 1st if you are interested in entering the details are posted there. I may not have posted on all the other posts I saw but I did some very beautiful creations.
    Crafty best wishes,

  4. oops, meant to say that I SAW some VERY lovely creations.

  5. I just love this you are 2 cute. I will have to make some of these. I am a new follower Audrey from Cute and Some sent me by to see your blog. I am glad she did.

    Have a bless week and happy crafting


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