8 October 2011


Weddings seem to be the order of the day just lately.  I've had so many requests for cards and this one I particularly like.

The little butterflies are on acitate and wobble around in the breeze, just adding a little bit of extra movement, and although the little diamonds are actually printed on, they do seem to twinkle!
It's nice to be able to give someone a personalized card on their special day, and of course it really stands out from the rest!!


  1. This is just beautiful!!! I've did a bit of browsing and what a wonderful blog!!! Everything, every project I've seen so far is just so amazing!

    The Cricut Couple referred me to your place and I'm so happy he did -- such great talent!!! I'll have to give them a great big thank you!

  2. awesome! Love the butterflies


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