13 December 2013


Brrrrrr........   It's cold out there and the time has come to hurry home, get into the comfy warm sweater and your favourite snuggly slippers and slurp away on a lovely mug of snowman soup - Mmmmmm.......

If you would like to make some for gifts to cheer up a fellow chilly mortal, the ingredients and a freebie printable label are below.

Download both files and print on either side of card stock, cut out labels and punch a hole for ribbon to go through

Then get some cello cone bags (I got mine on e-bay from Dummigan123 and they cost £3-75 for 50.  Not bad eh!) or a largish plastic bag. (you can pop everything into the corner of the bag to make a cone shape)
Next I cut about a third off one of the bags and fill the little cone with some instant chocolate/cocoa power.  I measure out enough to make a cup of chocolate and then seal it.  Then I pop it into another cone and add some marshmallows - lots of little ones are nice to float on the top - and some Milky Way Magic Stars.

These are popped on top of the chocolate in the bag and a candy cane is stuck on top to stir with.
Then I tie it all up with ribbon and add the label - free download above - and voila! Snowman soup!

Have a little go.  They are so easy to make and are always welcome on a chilly winters eve  ;)

9 December 2013


For the past year the Tiddlers have been OBSESSED by sealife. As you will probably have noticed in previous posts their rooms are little underwater havens, populated by a million fluffy sea creatures, and it would appear that their mission in life is to keep me occupied making all manner of amigurumi fishes etc. to add to the collection.

This is my summer's list of achievements, which the Tiddlers till now were very happy with, but having seen a post by disorderly-twinings, they have discovered I have haven't finished the whole set - shock horror!!!
So guess who's been commissioned to make lobsters.  I just hope they don't spot a pattern for a whale!