13 December 2013


Brrrrrr........   It's cold out there and the time has come to hurry home, get into the comfy warm sweater and your favourite snuggly slippers and slurp away on a lovely mug of snowman soup - Mmmmmm.......

If you would like to make some for gifts to cheer up a fellow chilly mortal, the ingredients and a freebie printable label are below.

Download both files and print on either side of card stock, cut out labels and punch a hole for ribbon to go through

Then get some cello cone bags (I got mine on e-bay from Dummigan123 and they cost £3-75 for 50.  Not bad eh!) or a largish plastic bag. (you can pop everything into the corner of the bag to make a cone shape)
Next I cut about a third off one of the bags and fill the little cone with some instant chocolate/cocoa power.  I measure out enough to make a cup of chocolate and then seal it.  Then I pop it into another cone and add some marshmallows - lots of little ones are nice to float on the top - and some Milky Way Magic Stars.

These are popped on top of the chocolate in the bag and a candy cane is stuck on top to stir with.
Then I tie it all up with ribbon and add the label - free download above - and voila! Snowman soup!

Have a little go.  They are so easy to make and are always welcome on a chilly winters eve  ;)

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