16 January 2014


We have had the most amazing Christmas, managing to get all the family together which made it all the more special.

Looking back, I don't think we could have asked for a better year than last year and 13 seemed to have been our lucky number!  It also helped that our traditionally unpredictable and usually wet summer was, for us, wall to wall sunshine.  What more could you ask for ;0)

So here I am already to embark on 2014, and it's two weeks in already!

My New Years resolution was to have a  spring clean and a purge of all those little bits of this, that and the other that I've been saving - just in case......
Well, for once I've actually done it!  I've been ruthless and the bags for the hospice shop and the local dump are standing by the door to prove it.

So now I've done my bit and my halo is all shiny, I can get back to being my usual happy hoarding self.

Happy New Year!!

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