15 November 2011


I made this card for a friend of mine and was so pleased with the result, I thought I would show it off.

It's one of those cards that once you've got everything in the right place just looks stunning.

I've put a couple of floaty butterflies onto thin strips of acetate, which I've then adhered to the back of the card


I really must stop taking photos of my cards on the carpet!  But in my defence I was a little pressed for time.

If you can see the greeting inside it says 'Blowing lots of love your way'

This is one of several .png files I have made to use in cards, which work really well as the background is transparent so you can stick them on top of anything.

I've put a couple of freebies on the bottom of this post for you to download.  I hope they are useful.

If you download them please be kind and don't pass them off as your own. You won't sleep peacefully and I'll come and haunt you!! ;0)


          With love on your Anniversary download - click here


14 November 2011


As it's coming up for Christmas again - at speed! - I thought I would hop over to see what Tracy at  Delightful Doodles has to offer.

This is a wonderful site and she always seems to have just what I need, and what do you know - she  is having a sale and all her downloads are on sale for 2 dollars which is £1-25 in Sterling - a fabulous price when you see what you get!!! ;0)

Christmas Countdown Magic
Her Christmas boxes etc are just perfect for advent calendars etc.

These icicles are from a file I downloaded last year and made up for The Tiddlers.  The icicles were just big enough to take a few sweeties or a little treat. (Not to much - hyperactive kids at 9 o'clock in the morning are not teachers favourites we find!)

We hung them up on Ben's Canvas wardrobe with little pegs and The Tiddlers thought they were magic.

So it's back to Delightful Doodles for some inspiration for this year!

Advent Calendar for The Tiddlers hung up on Bens Fabric Wardrobe

Hope you find the link useful. Nip along and take a look, it's well worth it.

3 November 2011


These butterfly lollipops are just too cute and so popular. I have had lots of requests for the template. So I have decided the best way forward was to make it a freebie so you can all have a go. It's a .jpg file so everyone ought to be able to use it.

                 Click here - then right click and save image as .......

Butterfly Lollipop Freebie

All you have to do is print it out on photo paper - I use 240gsm, which is quite robust and doesn't tear easily. Cut round the butterfly . Make two small punch holes about 1" apart along the body and thread the stick of a small round topped lollipop through the holes together with a hair clip (optional - but nice- extra).

 I hope you find this file useful, and if it is, could you leave a comment and I'll see what else I can find! ;0)

2 November 2011


I went to the hobbycrafts show at the NEC two years ago with my daughter and it was AMAZING!  Last year we were all ready to go again but fate had other ideas - doh!  This year we are all ready for the off and barring acts of God, the tiddlers going down with something interesting and catching or taxi (Robin and Mark) malfunction, we shall be there - whoopeeeeeee.

I have a list an arm long for all the things I've been wanting to get and like visits to previous craft shows, it is going to take me a week to get over the backache caused by galloping overspend  ;0)  On one occasion I bought a bargain pack of 100 x 300gsm cardstock and then got a free pack thrown in. Have you any idea how much 200 sheets of card weighs - I  have......!!!!!

1 November 2011


When my daughter got married, they decided to have an outdoor reception. So with this in mind, the thought of cutting up cakes in the great outdoors and the afore mentioned hate of cake in napkins, we decided the best bet would be to have the cake already cut and in boxes. A great deal of thought was given to the problem and then the answer came to us and.....

the theme of the wedding turned out to be a little 'bookish'!

Mark's Mum, Marianne, made the most wonderful cakes (the secret family recipe) and I designed and made up 80 little book boxes to put it in. Trying to figure out how to make the boxes and how to decorate them took a little time (if only I had had my Craft Robo then!)  but in the end they turned out to be very easy to make and looked very effective.  Robin made the 'book case' and then we made the large book to go on the top which had the cake in for cutting. 

The top cake was wrapped in cling film and put into the box and an insert with a poem that Michelle and Mark had found and liked,was popped on the top, and was lifted off when the cake was cut.


The whole thing turned out beautifully, Mariannes cake was superb and after the champagne and the cake cutting, everyone had a little box ready for taking home to eat later.  Very satisfactory!!  ;0)