3 November 2011


These butterfly lollipops are just too cute and so popular. I have had lots of requests for the template. So I have decided the best way forward was to make it a freebie so you can all have a go. It's a .jpg file so everyone ought to be able to use it.

                 Click here - then right click and save image as .......

Butterfly Lollipop Freebie

All you have to do is print it out on photo paper - I use 240gsm, which is quite robust and doesn't tear easily. Cut round the butterfly . Make two small punch holes about 1" apart along the body and thread the stick of a small round topped lollipop through the holes together with a hair clip (optional - but nice- extra).

 I hope you find this file useful, and if it is, could you leave a comment and I'll see what else I can find! ;0)


  1. These don't look like lollie pops; they look like beautiful butterflies!!! LOL!!! Love this little project!

  2. I noticed you put this page up a while ago and I only just found it. But thank you for the butterfly template! Very generous of you. I'm not too great with computers and I can honestly say that this has saved me a lot of time! My daughter's kinder buddies will LOVE them! Thanks once again :) G.


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