1 November 2011


When my daughter got married, they decided to have an outdoor reception. So with this in mind, the thought of cutting up cakes in the great outdoors and the afore mentioned hate of cake in napkins, we decided the best bet would be to have the cake already cut and in boxes. A great deal of thought was given to the problem and then the answer came to us and.....

the theme of the wedding turned out to be a little 'bookish'!

Mark's Mum, Marianne, made the most wonderful cakes (the secret family recipe) and I designed and made up 80 little book boxes to put it in. Trying to figure out how to make the boxes and how to decorate them took a little time (if only I had had my Craft Robo then!)  but in the end they turned out to be very easy to make and looked very effective.  Robin made the 'book case' and then we made the large book to go on the top which had the cake in for cutting. 

The top cake was wrapped in cling film and put into the box and an insert with a poem that Michelle and Mark had found and liked,was popped on the top, and was lifted off when the cake was cut.


The whole thing turned out beautifully, Mariannes cake was superb and after the champagne and the cake cutting, everyone had a little box ready for taking home to eat later.  Very satisfactory!!  ;0)

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  1. Wow this is different and very clever. I love it.


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