15 November 2011


I made this card for a friend of mine and was so pleased with the result, I thought I would show it off.

It's one of those cards that once you've got everything in the right place just looks stunning.

I've put a couple of floaty butterflies onto thin strips of acetate, which I've then adhered to the back of the card


I really must stop taking photos of my cards on the carpet!  But in my defence I was a little pressed for time.

If you can see the greeting inside it says 'Blowing lots of love your way'

This is one of several .png files I have made to use in cards, which work really well as the background is transparent so you can stick them on top of anything.

I've put a couple of freebies on the bottom of this post for you to download.  I hope they are useful.

If you download them please be kind and don't pass them off as your own. You won't sleep peacefully and I'll come and haunt you!! ;0)


          With love on your Anniversary download - click here


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