1 December 2011


I've been a fanatical knitter since my Great Aunty Rosa took me in hand and introduced me to the gentle art when I was about 6.  Since then my knitting needles and crochet hooks have never left my side - much to my families amusement and sometimes embarrassment.  I went through a spell of picture jumpers, which turned out really well, but the girls weren't altogether happy about me wearing them - sigh!

What's wrong with a fifty year old with a Winnie the Pooh jumper, that's what I want to know?

I just love the little bees on this jumper and so did the little girl who was being held by her Dad behind me in a queue.  She spent an interesting 5 minutes trying to pull them off.  Poor Dad ;0)

Teddies are a favourite of mine and this one made from one of Jean Greenhowes pattern turns out so well, that I end up making them by the dozen.  As soon as one child gets one, I can guarantee that there will be a spate of  'please can I have one's.  They are soooo cute.

The nice thing about them is that they have proper, cute little faces, they can be made to sit or stand and if you make them out of a boucle wool they actually look furry.

My daughter's friend, Remo is an avid Naples football team supporter, so when his brother came over with his family and they decided to go to see Liverpool V. Naples, I thought I would make his new little nephew a Naples strip.  The boots were a particular success as they look like little shoes and socks and they actually stay on!  (Something we found with the last few newbies is that they are amazingly adept at removing footwear). So these boots are now being turned out in all colours to go with various outfits.  They look lovely knitted in pink with little white socks for the girls.  Good all round pattern with maximum effect for minimum effort.  Perfect!!!

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  1. Wow Sheila! I am impressed! I knit but not well and never have done anything difficult like these. I LOVE your Pooh Bear! Thanks for sharing these :)


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