14 December 2011


I needed an eyecatching card for a friend of mine so I thought I would have a go at this design.  I love the decoupage black and white design and coupled with the bright pink and silver edging, it really makes a striking card which springs into life when taken out of the envelope.

Most of the cards I make are done with Word 2003.  It's amazing what you can do with the program, although I have been having great difficulty since I upgraded to Word 2010.  In the old program you can lasso objects and text boxes together using the mouse, but in the newer program this it would appear isn't available so you have to select items one by one. Honestly, when you have 40 or 50 items to select you almost lose the will to live!!

The thing that really bugs me though is you can do it in Excel 2010, which appears to have the same set up as word - go figure!!

Please, please, please if there's anyone out there who can whisper in Microsoft's ear, can you let them know there are a lot of very frustrated Word users out here waiting for someone to put them out of there misery and fix the problem.

Apparently they have told the millionth person complaining that there isn't the call for a fix  ;0)

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