21 February 2012


These little crocheted bells are a real joy. I make a little stash of them for moments when I need that little bit of extra magic.  They can be used, I have found, for so many different projects.
I love decorating cakes but unfortunately am not particularly good at the clever paste sculptures that so many 'proper' cake makers seem to achieve, so - improvise!  The bells were just what I needed for Val and Daves cake and really did the trick - success!

I also needed something quickly to finish off these bouquets of flowers and make them look special and once again the bells added that little 'something' that was just what just the job.

19 February 2012


I've just started making matching gift cards and wrapping paper.  It was a little idea that surfaced and has turned out to be very well received.  

I was particularly pleased with this set I made for my friend Christine.

The card front was made with paper I designed with her name on it, then put through Ulead Photo Express to put the curl in the corner.  I then added a flower with a holographic backer, using papers I bought from Lily of the Valley.  I wrapped the parcel in the 'Happy Birthday Christine' paper I made and added a flower together with a wrapper matching the card wrapper, that was made using an x-cut butterfly punch and holographic paper.

I've had to use pieces of A4 paper, which is a bit of a bind when you have a biggish parcel but I hope to get an A3 printer shortly which will dig me out of that particular hole  :0)

The whole thing was then finished off with a matching envelope.  I must say I was very pleased with the overall result - modesty has never been my strong suit I hasten to add.