14 November 2011


As it's coming up for Christmas again - at speed! - I thought I would hop over to see what Tracy at  Delightful Doodles has to offer.

This is a wonderful site and she always seems to have just what I need, and what do you know - she  is having a sale and all her downloads are on sale for 2 dollars which is £1-25 in Sterling - a fabulous price when you see what you get!!! ;0)

Christmas Countdown Magic
Her Christmas boxes etc are just perfect for advent calendars etc.

These icicles are from a file I downloaded last year and made up for The Tiddlers.  The icicles were just big enough to take a few sweeties or a little treat. (Not to much - hyperactive kids at 9 o'clock in the morning are not teachers favourites we find!)

We hung them up on Ben's Canvas wardrobe with little pegs and The Tiddlers thought they were magic.

So it's back to Delightful Doodles for some inspiration for this year!

Advent Calendar for The Tiddlers hung up on Bens Fabric Wardrobe

Hope you find the link useful. Nip along and take a look, it's well worth it.


  1. HI Sheila! Thanks for this info.
    Also, I appreciate you stopping & commenting on my blog.
    Crafty best wishes,

  2. It looks wonderful!

    Hey, Sonia's been by!!! I just love her!!!


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