16 April 2012


For ages we have been looking for a circular 4ft extendable table to go in our dining room, but unless you are willing to pay a small fortune for one, it's like trying to find hens teeth.  So imagine my delight when I found one for £40 at the St. Michaels Hospice Furniture Shop. True it was in a rather sad state, but as it was G-plan it was restorable.
So it was out with the sandpaper and wire wool and off to work. 

A week later, my table is gorgeous and my bank balance still in good shape as are my abs - all that sanding saved me a fortune at the gym!

After this little triumph I decided to have a go at the G-plan coffee table I had picked up for a fiver ( another bargain).  This was also in a rather sad state, but as I had been so successful with the table I thought "nothing ventured....." and got stuck in, and Oh! didn't it come out well.  There will be nothing stopping me now - look out furniture I'm on a roll!!

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