15 April 2012


Five and a half years ago, I started what can only be called a knitting marathon. Our first grandchild, Bethany, made her entrance into the world and so I started on the shawls.  Beth had a yellow and a pink one.

They turned out a little bigger than I expected, the yellow one being over five feet in diameter, but they really did look spectacular and have a 'secret' sewn into the middle of them (A little butterfly and a snail) 

Two years later, Ben arrived and I started all over again. He has white and blue, both of the five foot variety, with a 'secret' truck and plane.

The Tiddlers love their 'blankets' and take them everywhere ( a bit of a struggle for an overburdened mum, but Michelle rises to the occasion, bless her.) All of the shawls  have been used, loved and washed for at least 3 and a half years now, and as you can see have stood up very well to the test of time.

I've been so pleased with them, as I thought they would end up looking like rags after a few months hard labour, but they are still bright and springy and loved.  Isn't knitting wonderful!

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