1 March 2012


It's the first of March, the sun is shining, I'm surrounded by daffodils and it's St. David's Day.

So to all my welsh friends -
Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant hapus !

I do love the spring, summer is only just around the corner and there is so much to look forward to ....... wonderful!

I have been venturing out into the garden over the past week, as the weather has been BEAUTIFUL, wherever I've turned I've been finding ladybirds. Lots of ladybirds!  At first I thought that as I've been cutting down trees, I've disturbed them and I've been trying to find them new homes. But as the week progressed  the ladybirds were still around in abundance, so I've put it down to it being so warm.  It's lovely to see them but I'm just hoping they don't get caught out by a cold spell.

Paula says I should have gone for the Crafty Ladybird theme rather than The Crafty Pink Butterfly - it's a thought.

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