5 September 2011

Cake with a difference

Over the years we have found that having a traditional birthday or wedding cake doesn't always fit in with the plans for the day.

 On Robin's 60th Birthday, it was going to be a bit tricky cutting cake and handing it out - always a very messy operation at the best of times, usually ending up with lots of crumbs and a napkin full of squashed mixed fruit! So we went to plan B which has worked wonderfully in the past, and had 'The Cake with a Difference',

This not actually being 'cake' at all.  I made up little gold boxes, with Robins and  Birthday greetings printed on the sides, filled them with sweeties (really nice ones, the sort you don't want to part with) and arranged them in the shape of a 60 on a HUGE board.

The whole thing was a great success, everyone had a little box of sweets and I'm pleased to say that there wasn't a crumb or soggy napkin to be seen - RESULT! Definately two thumbs up for that one.


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