7 October 2013


After the most hectic summer imaginable - owing to all the fabulous weather we've had - I've just realised that I haven't posted anything for months. Where did the time go?
Two of the main time pinchers were the Tiddlers and then there was Chloe.


Chloe is our much adored, very special and cherished classic caravan.  She's just over 40 years old and is a Cheltenham Springbok.  We've had her for about 25 years and in that time she's been a two berth, a four berth and now back to being a two berth again.  She's the last of five Cheltenhams we've had over the years, which we have restored and reluctantly sold on.  They all have had names, Genevieve, Araminta, Daisy (A van used by Cooper Cars as a hospitality van at race meets) and Lottie. 

Although her general appearance is very traditional, we couldn't live without our comforts - we're knocking on now and like a little luxury - so we've got hot and cold water, double glazing, a shower, the cassette loo and a microwave, and quite frankly we can't find another caravan to outclass our Chloe.

The design is amazing and we can't for the life of us figure out why it has never been copied by the newer companies. It is so stable to tow and the interior layouts mean that you can happily have 8 or 9 people in for drinkies without crowding and the size of the kitchen surfaces is huge.

Inside it's like a little country cottage with oak lined walls.  I suppose it's not everyone's cup of tea, but we have never been on a site where someone hasn't come up and admired it.

The other time pinchers, The Tiddlers, have also been caravanning with us with Mum and Dad in their Cheltenham Springbok - they tend to get in the blood - and so we've all been galavanting around the countryside enjoying the best of Britain

and it's been glorious!

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