3 February 2015


Minecraft is the name of the game in our household at the moment.
I find it quite baffling that a game with graphics that remind me very clearly of the first computer games that came out in the 70's and 80's, should be so popular with the kids of today.

That being said, I have noticed in the past that the most popular - and fought over - toy in our house is a 40 year old Fisher Price cash register.  No super duper electrical motor, no batteries, no nothing except imagination, and I suppose that's where Minecraft comes into its own.

So...... as it's getting more than a little nippy out there and I have one young lad who is currently obsessed with the game, out came the trusty knitting needles and a Minecraft Creeper Hat and Sweater emerged.

I needed wool that looked pixelly in multiple greens and Stylecraft Wondersoft Merry Go Round in peacock was the best I could manage, but it does seem to have done the trick.

The pattern, as my knitting friend pointed out isn't exactly rocket science, but knitting the sweater was my worst nightmare - I can't do random.  I start off with good intentions but after an inch or two it's like nails on a blackboard.  It's the one thing I'm really OCD about.  I just like my patterns nice and uniform and even. Sad isn't it. ;0)

So now it's back to nice non random, sit and watch telly, maximum effect with minimum effort Arans for me!

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