11 February 2013


I have just realised how very long it has been since I posted something.  Now don't think I've been shirking...  I've actually been very busy trying out new programs, and trying to find the program that does everything I need.  I do find it so frustrating having to constantly copy items from on program to another to get the finish I'm looking for.  But I'm hopeful that I've at last cracked it and my copy/paste function will get a bit of a rest.

My problem is I like to make so many different types of things - I'm a craft magpie.  I see an idea and just have to try it for myself, and whilst doing that it gives me other ideas as to how I can use it and off I go spiralling out of control, happy as larry churning out all sorts of wonderful bits and pieces ;0)   heaven..........
Anyway, back to the matter in hand.  Easter is on it's way and I thought I would share these Bunny Boxes I designed a couple of years ago with you.  They are super easy to make and hold a Cadburys Creme Egg (or egg of a similar size) very comfortably.  Even tiddlers can make them with a little help and it produces a nice little gift that doesn't cause sweetie overload.

You don't need much equipment - scissors, glue, something to make a hole (paper punch, sharp pencil or scissor tip with something soft to go the otherside of the card as a buffer to prevent stabbing) some ribbon and of course, sweeties.

see below for file to download

                 Click here - then right click and save image as .......

I hope you have as much fun making these as my Tiddlers and I did!

If you do download it please leave a comment for me and perhaps mention it to others who might be interested.  However, as I have said before, although you are quite at liberty to use it to make as many boxes for whatever purpose you choose,  please don't pass the file off as your own. -  Your conscience will get the better of you and I will come and haunt you!!

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