13 June 2013


I'm a bit of a butterfly when it comes to making things.  I start them and then get sidetracked and the project gets popped into a carrier bag and forgotten, until sometime in the future I remember it and fish it out only to find that I haven't a clue what it was eventually meant to be.

My other problem is that I tend to get very inventive and use bits of maybe two or three patterns when making say, a sweater or cardigan.  Now at the time this seems a really good idea, but when I pick it up again - doh! - I haven't a clue what I had in mind when I stashed it away a couple of months ago.

I designed these labels to stick on or in the bag with the (for the moment boring) project giving all the details of what it was all about and all the bright ideas I had for it - and it works!

 Phew... sanity saved.

So if your sanity also could do with a bit of saving the file is here for you to download and print off.  There are eight labels on an A4 piece of card, so they are quite economical as well. ;0)

                                     Click here to download Project Labels

Please, as usual, be kind.  It's for personal use only so don't sell them or pass it off as your own work in any way.

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