30 July 2013


Life has been really hectic in the last couple of weeks. 

Because, in England, we have had unseasonably hot weather, I've been tearing around trying to get all the outside jobs finished before the inevitable rain begins to fall again, working on the theory if it's fine I'll stay outside because it might be my last chance.

Also, both the Tiddlers have had birthdays, so it's been cake and candles all round for a couple of weeks. 

Sealife has become the 'thing' at the moment, so they both have had their bedrooms papered with sealife murals - not easily done I might add when working in thirty degrees and the glue drying before the paper hits the wall - however it was managed eventually and the result was stunning.

The dolphins are HUGE but with their smiley faces they seem very friendly.  It really is like being under sea. A wonderful effect.  Particularly at night with the low lighting, it's just magical!

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