5 February 2014


The next one I've come up with is a lovely square petal topped box in a romantic theme.

 I made boxes like these for Christmas as you will have probably seen in my previous post, and they went down really well.

Some of the sweets that my family and friends like unfortunately, although tasting spectacular, come in the most dreary and uninteresting boxes.  Not really what you want to give as a special gift so I came up with this idea to bling everything up a little.

I pop the sweets in a cellophane bag and tie with ribbon and, in the petal box, it looks really special. The box is 3.75" (9.5cm) wide  x 5.25" (13cm) tall,  has editable labels on all four sides and a gift tag on which you can make the text your own.

They are easy to make and take two sheets of A4 card, the thickest you can get through your printer. The only other thing you need is some glue - either wet or strong double sided sticky tape and a few minutes of spare time. Full instructions are included in the file.

The PDF file is available for you to download for just two of our good old British Pounds -£2 by clicking the button below.

alt text

  another chance to make those gifts just a little more special!

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