10 June 2014


Father's Day is fast approaching and as usual I have left things to the last minute. 

As my Dad, like so many other men, has everything he needs and is one of the world's worst to buy a prezzy for, I've decided to give him a couple of days of my hard labour in his garden, waging the ever present war on weeds.

To go with this I thought a nice sustaining bottle of wine for when the weeding is over, would be a good idea, so a bottle cover was required with a more masculine feel to it.

This cover, I thought, would be ideal for all those occasions when a gift of wine would go down well.  The gift for the host at a dinner party, a Birthday present and of course, Father's Day.
Once again it is in my Etsy shop as an instant download for £2-00.

alt text

I hope you will be able to make use of this file for the men in your life.
Think of me weeding won't you.  Hopefully next year I'll come up with a better plan ;0)

Please leave me a comment - especially if you download a freebie - so I can I decide what to post next. :0)

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