7 June 2014


I have been super busy just lately as my two Tiddlers - not so tiddly any more - have both been getting ready for their birthday parties, one a Luau and the other Star Wars. There are so may great ideas out there and my Pinterest boards are beginning to groan.  Still, we have made progress and the Luau is happening as I type, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all the hard work will have paid off and it's an overwhelming success.

All these preparations sort of put a halt to the projects I had planned and when I received an e-mail asking if one of my wine bottle covers came in a champagne size, I thought I had better get back on track and finish the jobs in hand.

So here it is - the champagne bottle size cover.  Once again with editable text so you can customise it with your own wording.  It's an instant download from my Etsy shop and is so quick to put together - half the time of going to the shops and definitely less tiring.
It's available for £2 sterling by clicking on the button below.

alt text

So, now I'm out of party bag mode and back in the real world, I'd better crack on and get the rest of the half finished projects sorted out and ready to upload.

ONWARDS ...........!

Please leave me a comment - especially if you download a freebie - so I can I decide what to post next. :0)

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