7 November 2013


Last Christmas there were fourteen coming for Christmas Lunch. PANIC!!

Our new round table, which I had bought and restored earlier in the year would only seat eight at the most, so what to do?

DIY Husband to the rescue - Dan-Da-Da-Dah....!

First there was the measuring to be done. How much space would each person need? Much measuring of seats, elbow room calculation etc.  Circular or square table? How high?  Oh! decisions, decisions.

Then out with the calculator and ruler and he disappeared into the garage, not to be seen again for some considerable time. But when he did re-appear it was with Robin's Round Table.

Seven feet in diameter, It was HUGE!

but it would seat all of us very comfortably and we would all be able to chat to one another without craning round the person next to us. King Arthur eat your heart out!


Now it was my turn .........

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