9 November 2013


So it was over to me..

First there was the problem of what to use to cover the table.
Seven foot of table takes a lot of covering!  Inspiration struck and a red kingsize flat sheet was purchased.

Then table mats.
I didn't want to be cluttered up with fourteen sets of anything Christmassy for the rest of the year.  So out with the trusty Craft Robo and fourteen snowflake table mats were cut out of photo paper together with matching wine glass decorations. So pretty, just the right size and perfect.

If you would like the files for the tablemats and wine glass decorations they are here for you to download.  They come in .GSD, .studio and .SVG formats, so hopefully there will be something that you can make use of. - enjoy!

Next Christmas table gift boxes.  I had seen a file on the internet here at Extreme Cards, of a snowflake top box which would fit in so well with the theme (There are so many wonderful ideas on this site) So once again it was Craft Robo time and with some red mirror board that problem was quickly solved.

Some time before I had downloaded a file from here at Computer Crafted by Gigi,(another site for great cutting files) for wine glass coasters for a party we had had and I thought I could use the idea to make coasters with our names on, firstly as place cards and then to stop the inevitable problem of whose glass is whose later in the meal, and with cold season upon us it seemed a good idea.  So back to the Craft Robo and these were made.

As you can see the whole table looked SPLENDID!

Only one problem (there's always one isn't there?) Just a small one.  The only people who could actually reach things in the center of the table, were the six footers amongst us.  Thankfully we have a lot of those in the family, but they were busy during lunch ;0)

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